of the Police Academy in Szczytno


acting Chancellor of the Police Academy in Szczytno - podinsp. Andrzej Pawłowski

Major Andrzej Pawłowski was born in 1972 in Miechów. In 1997 he graduated from the Police Academy in Szczytno. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Management and Administration in the Jan Kochanowski Teacher Training College in Kielce (the year 2000). In 2009 he completed post-graduate studies in crisis management at the Police Academy in Szczytno and in 2010 he completed Internal Security Studies at the Law Faculty of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw.

He has been involved in tasks related to crime prevention since he started his professional career in 1993. He served in County Police Headquarters in Miechów and then in 1997 he started working in the Police Training Centre in Legionowo: in the Traffic Police Department and since 2004 he worked in the Department of Policing. He has been occupying the post of the Chancellor at the Police Academy in Szczytno since 16 February 2018.

He has a long-standing  professional experience in internal security.  He is an author of numerous publications on police issues related to security and crime prevention.


tel. +48 89 621 51 13
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